16 June 2008

Update - New Template V2

It's been one year since the first posting of GSP and I've decided to change the template as you can see ^_^

Please bear with me for the next few days or so while I play around with this template and optimize it for your convenience ^_^

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26 May 2008

Update: Anime Watched List

I've updated my anime watched list after several months of not updating it.... Anyway, usually I write a little something in a new post about each of the new animes I've finished watching, but since I haven't been updating (and I've just kept watching =p ), I'll be skipping it this time around. However, there are a few comments I've made about a couple animes that were rated 3 and below.

And speaking of comments, since the script I used to expand and collapse the comments isn't working, I had to change the way it's presented. All comments are now at the bottom of the list. It's not very convenient, but it'll be this way until I find a expand/collapse text script that works.

So, emjoy ^_^

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16 May 2008

Gundam Seed - Episode 2

Phase 2 - It's Name: Gundam

Warning: This episode summary will contain spoilers.

Inside the cockpit of the Strike Gundam, Murrue instructs Kira to get behind the pilot seat as she takes the seat herself and begins activating the Gundam. As the main cameras turn on, Kira looks towards the remaining Gundam as the ZAFT soldier gets inside its cockpit, thinking that it would be impossible for that soldier to be his childhood friend, Athrun.

The Strike evetually finishes powering up and Murrue gets the Gundam to stand and then emerge from the Morgenroete facility. The now stolen model, the GAT-X303 Aegis Gundam, does the same. Kira's friends, Sai, Tolle, Kuzzy, and Miriallia, who are still trying to evacuate the area, are horrified by the ongoing destruction in Heliopolis by the GINNs and the site of the new Gundams.

Gundam Seed PlusSeeing a fellow GINN unit, the Aegis lands next to it. Athrun tells the pilot of the GINN, Miguel Aiman, that an Elite Soldier, Rusty Mackenzie, had been killed in action and the other Gundam is now being piloted by an Earth Forces soldier.

Angered by this, Miguel tells Athrun to leave the area; he then proceeds to shoot at the Strike, who appeared to be having trouble moving around. Athrun watches on, also thinking that it was impossible for that person he ran into earlier was Kira.

Gundam Seed PlusThe GINN runs towards the Strike with a MA-M3 Heavy Sword and attempts a downward slash. The Strike was able to move out of the way; however, this causes Kira to lose his balance inside the cockpit and fall onto Murrue's lap. Distracted by him, Murrue didn't have enough time to dodge the GINN's second attack. She counters by quickly activating the Gundam's Phase Shift Armor and manages to block the GINN's sword attack in time. Miguel backs off from the Gundam, surprised by it's strong armor.

Athrun explains to Miguel how all the new Mobile Suits are are equipped with a "Phase Shift Armor", a stronger type of armor which render a GINN's sword useless against them when the armor is activated. After the explanation, Athrun departs from the battle field, still thinking about Kira.

The GINN charges at the Strike once again. The Gundam tries to fend off the GINN using it's Igelstellungs (Vulcan Cannons mounted on the sides of the head); however, the cannons missed its target. The GINN attacks; the Strike manages to side-step out of the way. Unfortunately, the GINN quickly makes a follow-up attack and connects, causing the Gundam to fall onto a building.

Gundam Seed Plus Gundam Seed Plus

Kira then notices that his friends are still in the area, trying to get away from the battle. The GINN begins to make another slash as the Strike slowly backs away. However, Kira's friends were right behind the Gundam. If the GINN's attack were to connect, his friends would end up as collateral damage. He couldn't allow that to happen, so he quickly takes control of the Strike and dodges the GINN's attack and counter with a tackle, taking the GINN down.

At that point, Kira glances over the Gundam's Operating System (OS) and sees that it's insufficient for battle. Murrue informs him that there was no choice since it has not been completed yet. Kira then tells her to step aside so that he could take the pilot's seat. As he begins calibrating the Gundam's OS, there is a look of surprise on Murrue's face concerning Kira's remarkable capabilities.

Gundam Seed PlusRecovered, the GINN charges at the Strike yet again, and the Strike uses its Igelstellungs to counter again as well. This time, however, the cannons connect. The GINN still charges on, unfortunately, and tries to hit the Strike with its sword. The Gundam dodges and punches the GINN right in the face, causing the GINN to go flying and land on a building. With the GINN down momentarily, Kira finishes off calibrating the Gundam's OS.

The GINN gets up, putting his sword away, and starts shooting the Gundam with a Heavy Assault Machine Gun. The Strike jumps high into the air and the GINN follows suit. Kira looks up the weaponry of the Gundam and discovers only two available: the Igelstellungs and two Combat Knives, the "Armor Schneider". He takes out the knives from the hip section of the Gundam and lands back down on the ground. The GINN lands as well and starts to shoot at the Strike again. The Strike evades the attacks while running towards the GINN. When the Gundam got close enough, it lodged one of the knives onto the right shoulder of the GINN and the other one to the left side of its neck, causing damage to the hydraulics (i.e. causing the GINN to be incapable of moving).

Miguel sees himself to be in a predicament and decides to activate the self-destruct mechanism on the GINN and then quickly ejects from the GINN. Murrue sees this and instructs Kira to move away from the GINN. However, it was already too late. The GINN explodes; but luckily, despite being in such close range, the Strike does not sustain any serious damage.

Meanwhile, the battle outside of the colony still rages on with the Earth Forces losing. One of the ZAFT warships gets a report that Miguel Aiman has had to abandon his unit. The commander, Rau le Creuset, determines that whatever destroyed Miguel's GINN was a force to be reckoned with. He takes action by going out in a mobile suit himself.

The ZAFT warships then gives a retreat signal to all remaining GINN's fighting outside of the colony. Rau, in a CGUE, launches and engages the remaining Earth Forces soldier, Mu la Flaga.

Gundam Seed PlusBack inside the colony, Murrue is passed out, hurt by the bullet wound on her right arm. She eventually wakes up to find that Kira's friends are examining the Gundam. Angered by this, she tells them to get off of the unit as she shoots a bullet at them (intentionally missing, of course). She informs them that the unit is a top secret of the military and it is not something to be taken likely. Because they have seen the unit, they are forced to accompany her for the time being. Kira's friends sees this as being unreasonable since they are mere citizens and of a neutral colony. They argue that they have nothing to do with the war. Murrue fires two shoots in the air to get them to stop talking and tells them that unfair as it may be, they are in a war and this is their reality.

Meanwhile, inside Morgenroete, many soldiers and personnel have been killed as a result of the bombs the ZAFT forces had placed inside the facility earlier. Natarle Badgiruel manages to survive the endeavor and knew she had to get to the Archangel immmediately. She is later discovered by other survivors and they take her to the Archangel.

Gundam Seed PlusAn Earth Forces officer, Arnold Neumann, explains how most of the survivors were factory workers who were inside the Archangel at the time of the explosion. Furthermore, he explains that the hangar exit is being blocked by several debris. They enter the bridge of the Earth Forces warship and Natarle checks for any damages and only sees minor ones. She then turns on the radio and finds that communications were still jammed. She then expresses her worries about the colony and the newly developed Mobile Suits.

Gundam Seed PlusIn the meantime, Kira, in the Strike, tries to get a response via radio to anyone in the Earth Forces Alliance, but gets no response. Just then, Sai, Kuzzy, and Tolle pull up to their location with a large military truck containing the Strike's attachable pack units. Murrue tells them to equip one of them onto the Strike. As Kira prepares to put on the Launcher pack, he asks Murrue which one is the power pack. She informs him that the weapons and power pack are integrated onto one another and should be equipped as is.

Back in the Archangel, Natarle wishes to launch the warship; however, Arnold expresses his concern. It's nearly impossible to launch the ship with the personnel they have currently and fight back against any ZAFT forces outside. Natarle still insists that it be done and Arnold eventually gives in. Just then, new personnel enter the bridge to help launch the ship. They make the necessary preparations and eventually launch the ship. As the ship slowly makes its way towards the exit, the ship prepares its positron cannons, the Lohengrin.

Gundam Seed PlusBack in outer space, Rau and Mu continue to fight one another. Rau, however, enters the colony and Mu follows him inside. The battle between them continues as they reached the residential area of Heliopolis. Rau then spots the last Gundam and heads straight for it. Mu manages to intercept before Rau got the chance to do anything. Rau then gets rid of Mu's remaining weaponry and charges toward the Gundam once again.

Gundam Seed PlusKira manages to get the pack equipped to the Strike on time and activates the Gundam's Phase Shift Armor. However, everyone is interrupted by a sudden explosion caused by the Archangel's Lohengrins. The new warship appears out from all the smoke, causing Rau to stop his attack in surprise at the site of the new Earth Forces warship.

Phase 1 SummaryEpisode ListPhase 3 Summary

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11 March 2008

Update: Episode Summary and Pics

I just added an episode summary of Phase 1 of Gundam Seed. In addition I included a few pics of characters in their respective profiles. It's not much, though.

I will be focusing on getting out more episode summaries in the coming weeks (or months); however, each episode will take a while mostly because of school but partly also because I'm also taking various screenshots at the same time.

So, enjoy ^_^

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Gundam Seed - Episode 1

Phase 1 - False Peace

Warning: This episode summary will contain spoilers.

It's a typical day on the space colony of Heliopolis. Heliopolis is a peaceful colony where Naturals and Coordinators live and who do not wish to get involved in the war between ZAFT and EAF.

Gundam Seed PlusKira Yamato, a college student, is listening to the news of the latest ZAFT attack while working on some materials for his professor. He gazes onto the peacefulness of Heliopolis when his two friends, Tolle Koenig and Miriallia Haw, call on him. They tell him that their professor would like Kira to see him. Kira then complains about the amount of work that his professor had been giving him.

Tolle and Miriallia then glance over the news report that Kira was watching. Miriallia worries about the vicinity of the ZAFT attack from their location, but Tolle reassures her that the ZAFT forces would not attack a neutral nation.

Gundam Seed PlusAs the two of them continue to talk, Kira reminisces about his childhood. He remembers the time that his childhood friend, Athrun Zala, was reassuring him that there will not be a war between the naturals and the coordinators. Athrun then gives Kira a robotic pet bird named "Torii" as a parting gift. Kira was leaving the academy on the Moon and take refuge in Heliopolis before a war breaks out. Athrun then ascertains if Kira was going to go the PLANTs in the future so that they could meet up again.

Kira's thoughts were then interrupted by Tolle calling on him, causing him to jump in surprise. Tolle calls on him so that they could head towards their professor's laboratory.

On the way to the transport area, the three of them run into Flay Allstar and a couple of her friends. The two friends ask Miriallia about a letter than Flay had received from another friend, Sai Argyle. Miriallia didn't now much about it and Flay wasn't willing to give any details about it.

In the midst of all the talking and teasing, three individuals passed by them to get onto the transport vehicle first. Two out of the three turned out to be Natarle Badgiruel and Arnold Neumann, who were EAF officers. They head for Morgenroete, a military facility of the colony.

Flay then tells her friends to stop with all the teasing and enter the next transport. When they left, Tolle tells Kira that Flay had received a letter from Sai Argyle and that he now has some competition on his hands, considering that Kira is secretly in love with

Gundam Seed PlusThey then get onto a transport vehicle and also head for Morenroete, where their professor worked. As they enter his lab, they are greeted by Sai. Kira notices a stranger on one side of the room, looking somewhat suspicious. Tolle asks another friend of theirs, Kuzzy Buskirk, who that was. Kuzzy tells him that she was apparently a guest of the professor and is waiting for him to arrive so that she could speak to him about something.

Afterwards, Sai gives Kira another piece of work for him from the professor. Kira is stunned to be given more work from him. Tolle then suddenly comes up from behind Kira and grabs him in a sleeper hold, trying to force him to ask Sai about the letter he gave to Flay. Sai is puzzled and Kira tries to deny everything. In the meantime, the stranger sees this as an opportunity to sneak into the professor's office. Unfortunately for her, the door was locked.

Meanwhile, a ship enters the port of the space colony. EAF soldiers watch as the ship docks onto the port. One particular soldier, Mu La Flaga, addresses his concerns about the wandering ZAFT ships in the area. His commanding officer ensures him that there is nothing to be worried about. Since they are in a neutral nation, the ZAFT forces cannot attack him; however, Mu still has some doubts.

Gundam Seed PlusOutside of the colony, two ZAFT warships are lying in wait. The captain of one ofthe ships, Rau Le Creuset, tells his second in command, Frederik Ades, that they will have to move quickly in their operation, despite the ZAFT council's lack of communication to acknowledge the mission. Ades is not sure if they should go head with the mission without the council's permission. Rau then shows a picture of one of the new EAF Mobile Suits; he tells him that if they do not obtain them now, they will be transported elsewhere, out from their reach.

Afterwards, two smaller ships leave the warships and head towards the colony. A ground team consisting of low-ranking soldiers and Elite soldiers leave the smaller ships and infiltrate the colony. Once inside, they split into teams and begin planting bombs all over Morgenroete.

Just then, Rau initiates the attack on Heliopolis. The two warships move in closer on the colony and begin launching several Mobile Suits, GINNs, to attack the colony. The Earth Forces in the colony scrabbles to get supplies to their new warship in response to the ZAFT attack; however, suddenly the bombs explode, killing the main commander of the new warship as well as several pilots and personnel.

Gundam Seed PlusMu La Flaga along with a few other pilots head out in their Mobile Armors to engage the enemy outside of the colony. Unfortunately, a few GINNs had already entered the colony and proceeded to the city area.

Gundam Seed PlusMeanwhile, the ground team that had first invaded Heliopolis, look out into the city from a high cliff to locate their target: the new EAF Mobile Suits. A couple of the Elite soldiers talks about how their plan of flushing out the Mobile Suits worked and how ignorant the Naturals were in falling for their plan.

Gundam Seed PlusAfter locating the Mobile Suits, they notify the GINNs who had entered the colony. Those GINNs then begin attacking the supply vehicles that were accompanying the new Mobile Suits as well as the surrounding area. Moments later, the ground team enters the scene to capture the Mobile Suits; however, there were only three present when there should be five. One of the Elite soldiers offers to head into Morgenroete to search for the missing two; he takes another Elite soldier as well as other low-ranking soldiers with him. In the meantime, three Elite soldiers get into the new Mobile Suits, activates them, and takes off from the colony to head back to the warships.

Back at Morgenroete, Kira and his friends begin evacuating the building after the explosions took place. As they exit the building through the stairwell, they run into some other students who were also evacuating. Sai asks what was going on, and one student tells him that ZAFT forces were attacking. Everyone is shocked about this news, but the stranger in particular was quite surprised.

After hearing the news, she takes off deeper into the building. Kira notices this and runs in after her. He catches up with her and tries to persuade her into leaving the building with him; however, she kept resisting. Suddenly, an explosion from the outside causes the building to shake and debris to fall from the ceiling, making the two of them unable to go back the way they came in.

Kira then takes her hand and leads her to safety. They soon enter the factory section of Morgenroete where the remaining two new Mobile Suits were located. A battle was taken place in this area between some EAF officers and the remaining ground ZAFT team. The stranger looks down over the railing and spots the Mobile Suits. She falls into her knees as her suspicions about the Mobile Suits were true. Kira is unsure of what she was referring to but knew they had to leave that area immediately. So, he takes the stranger and quickly leaves the area to a shelter (life pod) near the area. Unfortunately, the pod is near capacity and is not able to take both of them. So Kira proposes that only the stranger enters the shelter while he heads for a different one. The stranger refuses, but Kira forces her inside anyway.

Gundam Seed PlusKira then runs back into the factory where the battle was still going on. As he runs through the area, he sees a ZAFT enemy targeting one of the EAF soldiers, Murrue Ramius. He tells her to look behind her; she reacts in time and avoids being shot at. She wonders what a boy was doing in the facility. Kira then continues to head towards the shelter when his exit gets blocked by an explosion. Murrue tells him to come to quickly come to her as the area is quite dangerous. Kira agrees and jumps down from the railing onto one of the new Mobile Suits.

Gundam Seed PlusJust then, one of the Elite ZAFT soldiers sees his comrade get killed by the enemy and goes all out on the remaining EAF soldiers. Afterwards, he approaches the Mobile Suit that Murrue and Kira were on. The soldier shoots her in the arm, causing her to fall down. Kira is shocked and goes to her aid. The ZAFT soldier proceeds to kill her; however, he runs out of ammo. So he takes out his knife and heads straight for the two of them. As the distance between Kira and the solider lessened, Kira realizes that the soldier was actually Athrun Zala, his childhood friend. Athrun makes this realization as well, causing him to stop his attack.

Gundam Seed PlusThat mere pause buys Murrue enough time to recover from the shot and shoot back at Athrun. He manages to dodge the incoming bullets and retreats from the Mobile Suit. Murrue then gets up and pushes Kira into the cockpit of the Mobile Suit they were standing on. She gets in herself, activating the new Mobile Suit, GAT-X105 Strike Gundam. Athrun looks on at them as he enters the remaining Mobile Suit.

Episode ListPhase 2 Summary

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